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Flavor and vine-ripened maturity are the marketing strengths of table grapes grown in temperate climates. Be politely assertive when developing a new market for table grapes. Acquaint consumers with the quality of unknown grape varieties by providing free samples. Point-of-sale literature is also helpful. Quality fruit resulting from good vineyard management is fundamental to all marketing success.

Attractive packaging of an appropriate size is important. Avoid large container sizes. Even a 2-quart container with 3 pounds of grapes is often larger than consumers desire. Most table grape varieties grown in temperate climates cannot be packed in bulk boxes and sold by the pound because there is too much waste from berries shattering off clusters. One-quart containers packed in a master container are popular. Perforated polyethylene bags for packaging individual clusters are another possibility.

Temperate-climate table grapes are often direct marketed through roadside or regional farm markets. Grocery store chains will often welcome local specialty crops as a special attraction to their produce department as long as they can be assured of quality and a consistent supply. Table grapes grown in temperate climates are unlikely to compete on the basis of price per unit with warm-climate table grapes. Nevertheless, with the proper choice of varieties, cultural practices and marketing, many people have developed profitable niche markets for this exciting specialty crop.

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