This publication results from more than a quarter century of experience with growing table grapes in the temperate climates of New York and Michigan. Many growers in New York and Michigan were involved in experiments, trials, demonstrations and commercial table grape production on their farms. Dr. Bruce Reisch, Dr. Jim Moore, Elmer Swenson and Dr. Helen Fisher provided table grape plant material to be planted at the Southwest Michigan Research and Extension Center (SWMREC). Dr. Stan Howell, Dr. Dave Miller and Dr. Charles Edson made the first plantings of table grapes at SWMREC. Many SWMREC staff members — including Jim Ertman, Gaylord Brunke, Fred Froehlich, Tom Dittmer and Cassie Meier — have contributed to the management of table grapes planted at SWMREC. Thanks to Diane Dings and Laurel Breyen for contributing computer graphics and illustrations, respectively. Those contributing helpful comments on the manuscript include Jeanne VanNewenhizen, Wayne Baker, Joe Herman, Jordan Tatter, Al Lange, Dr. Jim Flore, Dr. Garth Cahoon, Dr. Stan Howell, Dr. Don Ramsdell, Dr. Ron Perry and Dr. Nick Dookozlian. An anonymous donor provided significant funding to defray the cost of publishing this manuscript. The Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station has funded many table grape projects that have contributed information in this publication. Thanks to MSU ANR Communications staff members Alicia Burnell, Leslie Johnson and Ken Fettig for editorial, graphic design and print production coordination.

Diane Dings deserves special recognition for guiding the manuscript through numerous stages. Her dedication made this publication possible.

Products are mentioned in this publication for informational purposes only, and such mention does not constitute endorsement by Michigan State University or imply discrimination against unmentioned products. Individuals should check current product registrations of all materials before purchase and use.

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