Using established plants

If an old strawberry bed is being used for a permanently mulched bed, preparation of the bed begins with the harvesting of this year's strawberries. As the picker harvests, he marks with pegs or plant markers the beast-bearing plants in each row, trying to space markers about 10-12 inches apart.

When all berries have been harvested, all the unmarked plants are pulled out and mulch is removed. Well-rotted manure, compost, decomposed sawdust, plus cottonseed meal or enriched leaf mold are then worked into the top layer of soil. If the soil is too alkaline, a generous amount of peat moss is incorporated around each plant. The soil is smoothed out, and a six inch mulch is again placed around plants which are ready to form runners.

By careful selection of the best bearers, a strawberry patch can be made to bear a larger crop with each succeeding year. The heavy mulch during the summer will preserve soil moisture for the young plants, and the decomposed mulch on top of the bed will enrich the soil, which gradually becomes blacker and more mellow.

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