Strawberry Products

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Growing Strawberries Containers

Grow Strawberries in a Small Space

The Berry Terrace is only 6 feet in diameter, but its ingenious 3-tier design gives you enough growing space for over a bushel of delicious, juicy berries. It assembles easily without tools and includes a sprinkler system—what a great value! Makes it easy to grow your own strawberries! Includes sprinkler system! Sturdy aluminum frames are self-locking.

Strawberry Pot

Strawberry Planter

This foolproof kit includes everything you need to grow a bountiful garden right on your deck!

Kit includes unbreakable pot with 8 growing pockets and water reservoir, plus exclusive Transplant Mix and All-Organic Fertilizer.

4-qt Reservoir needs refilling only once a week.

Barrel Planter

Barrel gardens overflowing with colorful flowers look great flanking a driveway, but wooden barrels crack or rot in a year or two. This Whiskey Barrel looks absolutely authentic, but it's actually made of indestructible 1/2"-thick recycled plastic that has the grain and texture of wood, bound by rusted steel hoops that give it an antique look. Best of all, this barrel is self-watering! Never cracks, rots or splits.

Plant Caddy

Spare your back, and save your floors from damage, with this solid cedar caddy that makes it easy to move big, heavy plants—up to 200 lbs. The easy-glide urethane wheels roll smoothly over decks, patios, even carpets. Comes fully assembled.

Strawberry Tea Kettle

Attractive porcelain enamel-on-steel finish in unique strawberry design. Plug-in harmonic whistle lets you know when water is ready. Heat-resistant lid knob and handle with Heat Guard. Holds up to 2.5 quarts of water.

Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake

Grandmother herself never made cheesecake like this. We use only the sweetest, most flavorful strawberries and swirl them into the New York batter. Your cake is fresh-cooled and rushed from the bakery to your doorstep in a special cool-pack container to ensure freshness.

Strawberry Address Marker

This beautiful Strawberry plaque emulates the soft style of ceramics without the risk of breakage. Its hand-painted detail adds just the perfect touch for any home.

Strawberry Cheesecake Scented Candle

You just can't resist, so go ahead and enjoy the delectable scent of cheesecake. Any way you cut it, it smells simply delicious. These Eli's Cheesecake Scented Tin Candles are 4 oz and have a burn time of 15 hours. Sold individually.

Blue Strawberry Pot

French blue strawberry pot is glazed for indoor or outdoor use.

11" wide x 11"deep x 16" high.

Popular design allows plants to spill out the sides of the pot.

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