Strawberries in Pots Barrels

Strawberries can be grown in barrels, in special strawberry pots, on movable strawberry walls, and in hanging baskets if you should need to move them around to keep them in the sun.

Strawberries need good drainage and a soil with plenty of humus. You can grow them from healthy plants bought from nurseries or garden centers, or the plantlets that form on the varieties with long runners can be pegged down to form new plants that are planted out in the summer.

Strawberries must be protected from frost when they are flowering and fruiting. They should also not be kept for more than 3 years as virus diseases are likely to occur. It's best to burn the old plants, and then plant out new.

You can make a strawberry barrel by taking one end out of an old barrel, drilling drainage holes in the other end, and making 2" holes in two or three rows around the sides. The first row should not be less than two feet from the base of the barrel, and the positions of the holes should alternate so that the holes in adjacent rows are not directly above or below each other.

Place a two inch perforated zinc tube in the center of the barrel as low as the first row for watering, and fill around it with good potting soil.

Place a strawberry in each hole and some more in the top of the barrel.

Place the barrel in a sunny location and keep it well watered once growth starts, being sure to add manure or fertilizer in mid-spring. The strawberries will grow and run all over the barrel.

A Strawberry Pot is just like a small version of a strawberry barrel, but made out of clay. It is used in exactly the same way, but needs more frequent waterings due to its smaller size.

A Strawberry Wall is made of a framework of wire mesh. Strawberries are planted at the bottom and trained to climb up and over the wall. Like the strawberry barrel, it can be moved to keep it sheltered from frost early in the year and to take it out of the sun later on.

Another good way of growing strawberries is to use hanging baskets.

Strawberry Barrel

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