Plant your strawberries as early in the spring as the soil can be worked - normally early March to early April. Test for workability by digging a shovel full of soil and tightly squeezing a handful. Does the ball of soil break easily? If so, it is ready to till.

Young plants showing vigorous roots should be used for your strawberry bed.

  • Before planting, first cut out any damaged or diseased leaves or roots.
  • Dig a hole for each plant large enough to hold the roots without crowding.
  • A mound of soil is heaped in the center of the hole, and the plant seated on the mound with roots pressed firmly into the soil all round the base of the mound.
  • Each plant should be set so that the soil level will naturally cover all the roots, but will not cover any of the small leaves which are beginning to develop in the crown.
  • Fill the hole halfway with soil. Pour in water to wash the soil around the roots.
  • Then fill the rest of the hole and firm the earth around the plant. An inverted berry box or basket placed over the newly planted strawberries will prevent drying during the first few days.

Note: from the time you first take the strawberry out of its container to the end of the planting process when it is firmly in the ground, the roots should never be exposed to sun or drying winds. If the day is sunny, the plants should be shaded at all times. A damp layer of sphagnum moss or a piece of wet burlap may be placed over the receptacle containing the plants in order to prevent drying.

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