Strawberry Products

Here are some resources from various suppliers on the internet. Be sure you are online in order to use the links. The Berry Terrace is only 6 feet in diameter, but its ingenious 3-tier design gives you enough growing space for over a bushel of delicious, juicy berries. It assembles easily without tools and includes a sprinkler system what a great value Makes it easy to grow your own strawberries Includes sprinkler system Sturdy aluminum frames are self-locking. This foolproof kit includes...

How To Grow Strawberries

Mmmm Strawberries There's just nothing that can beat their taste early on a summer's morning. Strawberries are hardy, perennial herbs grown throughout the United States, Canada, Alaska and parts of the Yukon. They thrive best in cool, moist areas, but, with special treatment, can even grow in the hot, Gulf states. Although cultivated in Europe since the 16th century, the strawberry didn't become popular as a fruit in the new world until approximately the 1840's.

Strawberries in Pots Barrels

Strawberry Barrel

Strawberries can be grown in barrels, in special strawberry pots, on movable strawberry walls, and in hanging baskets if you should need to move them around to keep them in the sun. Strawberries need good drainage and a soil with plenty of humus. You can grow them from healthy plants bought from nurseries or garden centers, or the plantlets that form on the varieties with long runners can be pegged down to form new plants that are planted out in the summer. Strawberries must be protected from...