Propagation Methods


Many vigorous perennials crowd themselves and require dividing every few years. Also, the most aggressive types can escape and choke out other plants around them. Dividing is often done in the fall in warmer areas of the country, but in

Zones 4 to 6, divide plants in the spring while they are still dormant. This avoids subjecting the newly divided plants to harsh winter temperatures and reduces the chances of heaving.

The method of division varies among types of perennials. In general, vigorous new shoots from the outside of a clump are preferred for replanting, but you can use all shoots, if desired.

To make digging easier, water the bed well a few days beforehand if the soil is dry. Before dividing, prune the plants by half if stems are still present. Dig out the entire clump. Divide the healthy living portions into smaller clumps by working


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