Second season

The objective in this season is to develop two permanent cordons from two strong shoots growing in opposite directions from the trunk along the center wire. If cordons were established in the planting year, there will be a light crop produced in year two. As each cordon grows, lay the shoot atop the wire and tie it every 18 to 24 inches with tie tape to ensure that it's securely attached to the wire. If only a trunk was established in the planting year, train two shoots near the top of the trunk, just under the wire, to become the cordons. Remove all other shoots and any suckers throughout the season.

Retain shoots that are produced along the cordons at about 8- to 12-inch intervals. Carefully tie these shoots to the outer trellis wires. Remove all other shoots by summer pruning before they twist around the shoots you want to keep. Remove unwanted suckers and shoots throughout the season.

In the dormant season, prune the main cordons and the retained lateral canes back to wood 1/4 inch in diameter or larger (Figure 3-F). A crop will form on shoots from these canes in the third year. Pruning the canes during the dormant season encourages fruiting the following year.

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