Bernadine Strik, Extension berry crops professor, Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University.

The technical assistance of Helen Cahn and Gil Buller, North Willamette Research and Extension Center, and Chantalak Tiyayon and Marieles Pescie, graduate students, Oregon State University, is appreciated.

Introduction 1

Kiwifruit Cultivars

"Fuzzy" Kiwifruit 3

Hardy Kiwi 4

Kolomikta Kiwi 6

Establishing Your Kiwifruit Vineyard

Site Selection and Preparation 7

Vineyard Planning, Planting, and Spacing 8

Trellis 10

Irrigation 11

Fertilization 12

Training Young Vines 13

Maintaining Your Kiwifruit Vineyard

Fertilization 16

Irrigation 17

Pollination 17

Fruit Thinning 18

Pruning and Training 18

Harvest, Handling, and Storage of Kiwifruit

Fruit Maturation 21

Harvesting 22

Storage 22

Pests 23

0 0

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