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Thinning of the fruit is recommended for vinifera grapes, but not for American and

3 In November, cut out the two arms that bore fruit in summer to the replacements. Tie down one replacement shoot to the left and one to the right. Cut back each to leave 2-21/2 ft of strong shoot. Cut down the remaining shoot to three buds.

Muscadine grapes. Viniferas are very heavy producers, and thinning is needed to improve fruit size, thinning of varieties with very large or compact fruit clusters is done by removing individual berries immediately after fruit set. On varieties with loose or straggly clusters, remove some of the immature flower clusters appearing with the new growth in the spring.

In addition, with all vinifera varieties, it helps to remove entire fruit clusters soon after fruit set. The number of clusters left depends on the size and vigor of the vine. Keep about 20-30.

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