The fruiting stage

Each summer The fruits are carried on spur systems on the horizontal arms. The spurs are formed by the summer pruning of laterals on the Modified Lorette System in exactly the same way as for cordons. Regard each arms as a horizontal cordon (see pages 50-1). Winter After a few years of fruiting, the spur systems may become complicated and should be simplified by removing clusters of weak buds and by cutting back some of the spurs to two or three fruit buds.

Fruiting Spurs

Second and subsequent years

5 From July to September, train the second tier of branches in the same way as in the previous years (see caption 2). Cut back competing growths from the main stem to three leaves. Cut back laterals from the horizontal arms to three leaves above the basal cluster.

Modified Lorette System

Mature tree

7 In May, when the final number of tiers is produced and the tree has filled its allotted space, cut back the new terminal growths of the vertical and horizontal arms to their origins. From now on prune them each summer as if they were cordons.

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