Pests and diseases

If aphids are present, spray with dimethoate, formothion or malathion in spring. An oil spray in winter gets rid of the over-wintering eggs. To prevent raspberry beetle grubs feeding on the fruits in summer, spray at dusk with malathion or derris when the first pink berry is seen.

The most serious diseases of raspberries are viruses, which cause the leaves to become mottled or blotched and the canes to be stunted. Seek expert advice before destroying canes because the symptoms are similar to those caused by raspberry leaf mite and bud mite. New canes should be planted elsewhere.

Canes affected by cane blight in summer will wilt, snap off easily and die. Iffruiting spurs become blighted, cut out and burn affected canes. Spray new canes with bordeaux mixture.

Cut out and burn canes badly affected by cane spot and prevent it by spraying with liquid copper or thiram at bud burst and



Ever-bearing raspberries bear their fruit on the top part of the current season's canes, extending back from the top over 12 in or more, depending upon the variety. The fruits ripen in early summer a little ahead of standard varieties and again from the beginning of September until stopped by the fall frosts. Ever-bearing raspberries pre-blossom time, or with benomyl every two weeks from bud burst to petal fall.

Spur blight causes dark purple blotches around the buds and shoots wither in early spring. Cut out and burn affected canes. Spray new canes when they are a few inches high with benomyl, thiram or captan repeating two, four and six weeks later.

Prevent gray mold (Botiytis) on ripening fruit by spraying three times with benomyl at flowering and at two week intervals. Remove and destroy infected fruits.

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