Propagate new red and white currant plants in the fall from hardwood cuttings, which should be 12 in long or more. Before planting the cuttings, remove all the buds except the top three or four. Insert into the soil with the third bud within 2 in of the soil surface and label the cuttings. After they have rooted (in about a year's time) plant out the cuttings. This method produces rooted cuttings with four good branches and a short leg.

Second and subsequent years

Pests and diseases

The most serious pests are aphids and, to a lesser extent, sawflies and currant fruit flies. Control aphids with a systemic insecticide rotenone.

Occasionally anthracnose and cane blight can be troublesome. Early season sprays of ferbam give satisfactory control of anthracnose. If the canes are blighted, cut back to healthy wood and burn the prunings.

3 In winter, prune the leader to a bud leaving 6 in of new growth. Cut all previously summer-pruned laterals to 1 in at a bud. In later years, cut the leader back to one bud.

4 From late June to early July, prune the current season's side-shoots to 4-5 leaves. Tie the leader to the cane as it extends.

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