The gooseberry {Ribes uva-crispa) is a deciduous thorny shrub growing in zones 3-8.

Like the red currant, the gooseberry bears its fruit on spurs on the older wood and at the base of the previous summer's lateral growth. For this reason it is grown with a permanent framework of branches, usually in the form of an open-centered bush on a short stem, or led, of about 4-6 in. It is also widely grown as a cordon in single or multiple form and occasionally as a standard on a 31/2 ft stem orasafan.

The fruits may be smooth or hairy, yellow, white, green or red according to variety.

A well-grown bush should reach a height and spread of 5 ft and crop well for 12 years or more. A good average yield from a bush is 5-6 lb, and from a cordon 1-2 lb.

Like currants, gooseberries are alternate hosts of white pine blister rust and can be planted only in areas where this disease is not a problem. The local state agricultural extension service or forestry department should be contacted before ordering plants.

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