Kiwifruit can be propagated from cuttings or seeds. Take hardwood cuttings anytime after the plant has received 500 hours of chilling, or make softwood cuttings in July. Kiwifruits also can be propagated by layering.

To grow plants from seed, remove the seeds from a mature fruit and let them dry for two days. Refrigerate them in moist perlite at 40 degrees F for 92

Keys for Success

Be sure to choose cultivars of Actinidia aruguta, the hardy kiwifruit—not A. chinensis, which will not survive New York winters.

Purchase at least one male plant for every nine female plants to ensure pollination and fruit set.

Avoid planting in frost pockets. Sites with northern exposure are good because they delay early growth in the spring, which can be damaged by late frosts.

Construct a trellis system or otherwise support the vines.

Prune plants at least two or three times during the growing season and once during the winter.

four months. Then plant the seeds no deeper than 1/8 inch in a sterile potting mix and cover the container to keep the humidity high. The soil should be moist but not wet. As soon as the plants germinate, uncover the container. After the seedlings are up, put a thin layer of clean sand on top of the medium. When plants have four true leaves, transplant them to individual pots. At this time, use a low rate of liquid fertilizer. Transplant the seedlings to the site where they will grow when they are several inches tall.

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