Raspberries do not keep well on the plant and must be harvested every two or three days. Expect a small crop the first year after planting. Fall-bearing raspberries may produce a small crop in the fall of the planting year. Production usually peaks about the third year after planting and slowly declines after that. Many growers replant after about 10 years.

Bramble berries are very fragile. The reason they are usually sold in shallow, half-pint containers is that in deeper containers the weight of the berries on the top crushes the berries on the bottom. The rule of thumb is never to pile bramble berries more than four high. Unless you are planning to make jam or jelly from your crop, do not harvest berries into containers more than 1 or 2 inches deep.

To store raspberries for later use, proper postharvest care is critical. Select only berries in good condition and immediately cool them as close as possible to 33 degrees F without freezing.

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Berry Boosters

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