For maximum sweetness and flavor, pick June-bearing and day-neutral berries a day or two after they are fully red. Berries picked before they are completely red will eventually turn red, but they will not sweeten. Slightly unripe fruit can be used for making jam. Under favorable conditions, expect a total yield of about 1 quart of fruit per foot of matted row. Immediately remove berries that do not ripen because they harbor diseases and attract insects.

For long-term storage of fresh berries, select firm berries that are not yet fully ripe and cool them immediately after harvest. Store as close to 33 degrees F as possible, but be sure the berries do not freeze. Their quality should remain acceptable for several days. Freezing sliced strawberries with sugar and then eating them months later is a great way to recall spring during the cold winter.

Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

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