Leafrollers are the caterpillars of a few species of small moths. These pests roll leaves (hence their name) to use as shelter during their metamorphosis. Adults emerge, mate, lay eggs, and then repeat the cycle at least twice each year. Larvae feed on green berries, ripe berries, and leaves. Small numbers of leafrollers (fewer than 15 per plant) usually will not cause significant losses, unless they are feeding on blossoms.(Elsner and Whalon, 1998)

The pesticide Bt var kurstaki can be applied when insects are feeding. Additional organically accepted strains of Bt can be effective at egg hatch, becoming less effective as larval size increases. Neemix, a product containing azadirachtin, acts as an insecticide and insect growth regulator affecting young (1st and 2nd instar) caterpillar pests. It is registered for leafrollers on organic blueberries with an "R" (regulated) status.

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