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Abstract: Blueberries are the most widely grown fruit crop in the U.S. Blueberries are well-suited to organic culture, and good markets exist for organically grown blueberries. This production guide addresses key aspects of organic blueberry production, including soils and fertility, cultural considerations, pests, and diseases, as well as marketing. Additional resources are provided for further investigation.

By George L. Kuepper and Steve Diver Revised 2001 by Katherine Adam Revised 2004 by Martin Guerena and Preston Sullivan NCAT Agriculture Specialists ©2004 NCAT June 2004


Introduction 2

Choosing a Variety 2

Soils and Fertility 2

Cultural Considerations 6

Insect Pests 8

Diseases 11

Bird and Rodent Control 16

Marketing 17

Economics 17

Photo Credits 21

References 21

Additional Resources 23

Blueberry Electronic Resources on the World-Wide Web 24

y Scott Bauer USDA Image Gallery

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