Wood Shavings No Problem

In reply to the question ■■■■■■ from Brian Turner -Are Wood Shavings Harmful? (KG March 2006). Shavings sold as bedding are usually of a soft flaky nature, and wood treated with preservatives are not used, so it's perfectly safe. It is


best to have at least 50 per cent horse droppings, urine and anything else suitable mixed with it. This quickly heats and rots to pliable, brown compost with no smell.

This manure is beneficial for clay soils and makes an excellent mulch. In autumn, empty ground is covered with newspaper (not magazines), in layers of two to three pages thick, with cut grass to cover, followed with a layer of rotted manure and topped, if you have it, with wood ash. Leave for the winter, and in the spring you have a virtually weed-free pliable soil, ready for cultivating and planting.

I have used shavings manure for more years than I care to mention, I have had no trouble with wood lice, and the amount of worms enjoying this 'hotel from heaven' is amazing. Fisherman friends will also queue up for the red worms generated. Mrs A Constable, Hastings, Sussex

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