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Online independent seed company prides itself on being able to offers kitchen gardeners high quality vegetable, herb and flower seeds at just 50p a packet, through its ethos of avoiding 'expensive and wasteful catalogues and packaging'.

The online 'catalogue' gives more information per variety than any printed packet ever can. The range has been increased for 2006 and includes old favourites, as well as exciting newcomers. For online orders of 10 or more packets, p&p is free. A comprehensive range of seed potatoes is also offered alongside the widest selection of potato microplants. Tel 01337 831060

We have 30 'virtual' gift vouchers*, worth £10 each, to give away. (*Redeemable against seed orders only.)

Onlïne-Seee Sales

Onlïne-Seee Sales

Vegetable 'starter' plants

Lettuce trio

A collection of strong young lettuce 'starters', with vigorous, unrestricted roots, ready for immediate planting outdoors for summer pickings. Includes 'Rendana' a succulent butterhead, 'Remus' a crunchy cos and red, loose-leaved oakleaf 'Pasha'.

Offer 30 plants, 10 of each for £7.35, saving £3 (catalogue price £10.35*). Delivery late April.

Aubergine and sweet pepper

Strong young plants with well-developed root systems, ideal for planting in patio containers, the greenhouse and polytunnel beds.

Aubergine 'Black Beauty' Popular and reliable, with large purple-black, globe-shaped fruits up to 13cm (5in) long to cut from July.

Sweet pepper 'Bell Boy' F1 Early, abundant yields of thick-walled, firm blocky fruits that turn from deep green to red. Resistant to mosaic virus. RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Offer £7.90 for 20 plants, 10 of each, saving £3 (catalogue price £10.90*). Delivery late April.

Leek 'Rami'

Quick and easy to plant, these strong young plants should go straight into the garden on arrival. 'Rami' is fast-growing, with good bolt-resistance, forming medium to long high-quality stems, with little or no bulbing, that can be lifted from September onwards.

Offer £5.90 for 100 plants, saving £3 (catalogue price £8.90*). Delivery late April/early May.

Vegetable 'starter' collection

Offer 30 lettuce starter plants (10 of each variety as stated), 20 aubergine and sweet pepper plants (10 of each variety as stated) and100 leek 'Rami' starter plants, for £18.15, saving £12 (catalogue price £30.15*). Delivery as stated.

Colourful courgettes

'Clarion' F1

'Eight Ball' F1

^ 1, L


'One Ball' F1

'All Green Bush'

Sow under cover in April and plant out after the last frosts in your area, or sow direct outdoors from late May to early June, protecting young plants from slugs and snails. Or, why not grow a novel variety like tasty 'Eight Ball' in a polytunnel, for tender, ultra-early fruits?

  • All Green Bush' Keep cutting this old favourite for a succession of young fruits, or let them mature into marrows.
  • Clarion' F1 Fast growing with heavy crops of pale green fruits.
  • Defender' F1 High yields of tasty green fruits. Open growth habit and resistant to cucumber mosaic virus. RHS Award of Garden Merit.
  • Eight Ball' F1 Produces round, dark green fruits that are ideal for stuffing.
  • Gold Rush' F1 Golden-yellow fruits that taste as good as they look.
  • One Ball' F1 Prolific pickings of round, yellow fruits for harvest when 5cm (2in) across.

Offer 6 packets, 1 of each variety (10 seeds per packet), for £4.95. Delivery late March.

Jerusalem artichoke

'Fuseau' yields a heavy crop (approximately 2kg (4J2lb) per planting tuber) of smooth, mA ■ carrot-like tubers that are smoother and easier to peel than the knobbly types. Delicious steamed, in stir-fries and for soup. Harvest during autumn/winter.

Offer 30 tubers for £7.95, saving £1 (catalogue price £8.95*). Delivery from late March.

Kitchen Garden Offers

Plug into herbs

These strong young 'plug' plants are the perfect way to start your first herb bed, or fill gaps after any winter losses. The young well-rooted plants can be potted up and grown on ready for planting out, go straight into well-prepared soil outdoors, or be planted in containers. Good to look at and all have culinary uses.

• Rosemary 'Miss Jessopp's Upright'

Fragrant evergreen shrub prized for its strong flavour. Upright shoots clothed with dark green leaves, reaching 1.2m (4ft). RHS Award of Garden Merit.

• Purple sage (Salvia officinalis 'Purpurascens') Evergreen shrub with soft greyish-purple young leaves, and spikes of blue-purple flowers in summer. Height 60cm (2ft).

RHS Award of Garden Merit.

  • Pineapple mint (Mentha suaveolens 'Variegata') Spreading perennial forming clumps of variegated cream and green leaves with a fruity fragrance. Height 60cm (2ft).
  • Thyme 'Doone Valley' Dark green mats of fragrant leaves splashed with gold, covered in heads of mauve flowers during summer. Height 7.5cm (3in).
  • Golden marjoram (Origanum vulgare 'Aureum') Clump-forming perennial with bright yellow-green,

Self-fertile kiwi fruit

Pick your own juicy kiwi fruits from the garden by growing self-fertile 'Jenny', which avoids having to plant a male and female plant together. Train on sturdy trellis on a sunny wall or fence, on stout wires, or over a pergola. Attractive foliage and delicious summer fruits.

Offer 1 plant in a 2-litre pot for £14.95, saving £2 (catalogue price

Delivery in April.

Curry plant

Golden marjoram 'Aureum'

fragrant foliage, topped with pink summer flowers. Height 30cm (12in). • Curry plant (Helichrysum italicum)

Fine silvery foliage, mustard yellow flowers and a pungent, spicy fragrance. Height 60cm (2ft). RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Offer £4.95 for 6 plug plants, 1 of each variety. Delivery in April.

Offer £7.90 for 12 plug plants, 2 of each variety, saving £2 (catalogue price £9.90*). Delivery in April.

  • Brigitta' 'Bluecrop'
  • Brigitta' 'Bluecrop'

Blueberry trio

Acid and moisture-loving blueberries are best grown in large containers of ericaceous (lime-free) compost (unless you have acid soil) where they will produce an abundant crop of delicious, nutritious and health-promoting fruits. This collection provides a summer-long succession of fresh pickings.

'Earliblue' The first to ripen and a strong grower. 'Bluecrop' Easy, drought-resistant with very large fruits. 'Brigitta' Sweet fruits that will last six weeks stored in the fridge.

Offer 1 plant in a 1-litre pot, of any variety, for £9.45. Delivery within 28 days. Offer 1 plant each of 'Earliblue', 'Bluecrop' and 'Brigitta' for £18.90, saving £9.45 (usual price £28.35). Delivery within 28 days.

KG Reader Offers

Lettuce, aubergine, sweet pepper and leek starters, kiwi, blueberrries, courgettes, artichoke

Send to: Kitchen Garden Offers, The Fruit & Vegetable Company, Rookery Farm, Joys Bank, Holbeach St Johns, Spalding, Lincs PE12 8SG.




Lettuce 30 plants


Aubergine & pepper 20 plants


Leek 'Rami' 100 plants


Starter plant collection 150 plants


Herb collection 6 plug plants


Herb collection 12 plug plants


Kiwi fruit 1 plant


Kiwi fruit 2 plants


Blueberry 'Earliblue' 1 plant


Blueberry 'Bluecrop' 1 plant


Blueberry 'Brigitta' 1 plant


Blueberry collection 3 plants


Courgettes 6 packets


Jerusalem artichoke 30 tubers


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