Under Cover Courgettes

In the right conditions, courgettes produce a crop quickly after planting and this makes them a worthwhile early summer crop in a greenhouse or cold frame. As long as you can keep them frost free, you should be able to sow, plant and harvest three to four weeks earlier than your outdoor crop.

Start the plants in gentle heat - a propagator at 15-18C (60-65F) or a warm windowsill. In my north midland's garden, I sow one or two plants during the second week of April and plant them out in a polytunnel in early May. On really cold nights I give the plants extra protection with a cloche or fleece.

One problem with early crops can be poor pollination. Normally insects, particularly bees, are responsible for moving pollen from male to female flowers so that they 'set' and form fruit. Early in the year there might not be many insects about, or they might not get into a frame or tunnel.

If female flowers (the ones with a small immature fruit behind them) are forming but not setting, you can carry out the bees' work yourself by picking off a freshly opened male flower, stripping off the petals and dabbing it into the centre of a freshly opened female


  • All Green Bush' O, K, F, DTB 'Black Forest' F1 O, F 'Cavili' F1 T&M 'Clarion' K, F, Si
  • Custard White' I, O, K, Si, ET, SH
  • Defender' F1 O, K, F, S, ET, Med, DTB
  • Dundoo' F1 T&M
  • Eight Ball' F1 ET, F, D
  • El Greco' F1 S, D
  • Elite' F1 K
  • Floridor' F1 K, SH
  • Genovese' I, O, Tu
  • Goldrush' F1 I, Si
  • Jemmer' F1 T&M, K, SH
  • Kojac' F1 T&M,
  • Lunga Bianca' I
  • Nero di Milan' O, I, K, ET, SH
  • Parthenon' F1 O, T&M, Tu
  • Romanesco' I, Si
  • Rondo di Nizza' O, T&M, I, K, Si, SH
  • Sebring' F1 DTB
  • Sunburst' F1 K, F, ET, Si, SH
  • Tondo di Piacenza' I, Si

Tristar' F1 U

'Tromba d'Albenga (or Tromboncino)'

I, O, Si, SH 'Tricolor' F1 T&M 'Venus' F1 T&M, M

'Tondo Chiaro di Nizza' K, C, ThE, SBS See page 90 for full details of the seed companies listed.

lower. However, an easier alternative is to try one of the new 'parthenocarpic' varieties which can set fruit without being pollinated -'Parthenon' (typical dark green fruit) or 'Cavili' (pale green), for example.

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H Thinking back, we should have stopped looking for the bolts when the roof caved in - but then I could hardly say I didn't want it after that D

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