Southern Highbush

Termed 'evergreen' they are really wintergreen as they lose their leaves in spring as the new growth replaces them. In colder areas bushes are deciduous; the leaves fall in autumn.

'Sunshine Blue'. Mid-season. Very compact and easy to manage, forming dense bush to just over 1m (3ft 3in) high and across at maturity. Bright pink flower buds open to scented flowers. Medium size berries are sweet and ripen over several weeks.


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Flavoursome carrots - FOR FREE

On the front of your Kitchen Garden magazine this month you'll find a free packet of 'Early Nantes 2', one of the very best carrot varieties for early and successional sowings.

Producing wonderful broad, blunt-ended roots with a great deep orange colour, they are ideal for eating raw in salads or, of course, adding to your favourite cooked recipes. They can also be frozen.

Seeds can be sown at any time between now and the end of June. After this time temperatures rise and the germination can be reduced.

Carrots prefer a well drained or light soil and will not grow well in waterlogged or very heavy soils without first improving them. This can be done by digging in plenty of grit or organic matter in the autumn, however, care must be taken not to add fresh manure or garden compost to soil immediately prior to sowing as this encourages carrots to fork. On poor soils it is a good idea to add 28-56g (1-2oz) of general fertiliser, such as Growmore or pelleted chicken manure a week or two before sowing your seeds.

Sow in drills 13mm (J2in) deep with

30cm (12in) between rows. Water the base of the drill prior to sowing to aid germination and keep the soil moist during the germination period. Although they should never be allowed to wilt (dryness followed by a heavy watering can lead to root splitting), over watering can cause the plants to produce lots of foliage at the expense of root growth.

Sow thinly and thin out if necessary as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle, eventually leaving about 10cm (4in) between plants for the largest roots. If this thinning is done gradually, young roots can be used as baby carrots, rather than simply being wasted. Any uprooted seedlings should be disposed of well away from the crop to avoid attracting carrot fly. Hoe the rows regularly to prevent competition from weeds and pull out any weeds within the rows before they become too large. This prevents unnecessary disturbance to the developing plants. Water the soil to settle it back around the roots afterwards.

If the tops of the roots become exposed as the crop develops, cover them with a little soil to prevent them turning green.


  • Garden Yogurt ensures that all the food you put into the ground is delivered to the roots for healthy growth.
  • Garden Yogurt is not a plant food replacement it is the essential eating utensils needed by the plant to get the benefit of any plant food you administer.
  • Garden Yogurt ensures you will "GET MORE OUT OF WHATYOU PUT IN"

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  • The only seed tray that gives your vegetables the straight root to success!
  • Sizes range from 8cms to 20cms.
  • Saves compost, space and time.
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RONAASH LTD, KERSQUARTER, KELSO, TD58HH Tel: 01573 225757 E-mail: [email protected]



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Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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