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I read with great interest your article on the wide variety of potatoes that are grown by Andrew McQueen, that we don't get to see.

A friend of mine who knows of my interest in growing potatoes, was telling me of a variety called 'Stiperstones'. This was only available in a part of Shropshire during the late 50s and early 60s (the last time she saw it anyway) and is named after the Stiperstones Hills.

Would it be possible to pass this query along, as we would both be interested in trying to grow a local potato. We have tried to track it down, but have had no success so far. David Phillips, via email Steve says: We asked Andrew McQueen, renowned potato expert from Three Countries Potatoes, about this David. He searched his records but cannot find any reference to 'Stiperstones'. He is pretty sure that it would have been a local name for another variety. This is a common occurrence; gardeners hand spuds down over the years and the proper name is eventually forgotten. However, if readers can shed any further light on this I would love to hear from them.


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