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We have found different ways of dealing with different weeds but we are still left with a few chinks in our armour. The biggest is perennial weeds of the bindweed, ground elder type, along with other perennials that would cause damage to crop roots if dug up.

For all these, the best answer is to use a systemic weedkiller containing, for example, glyphosate. A quicker alternative is a contact weedkiller such as gluphosinate ammonium or diquat (Scotts Weedol 2). These are great weedkillers and take effect quicker than glyphosate. However, while killing seedlings and annual weeds triumphantly, they will generally just kill the top growth of perennial weeds, not the roots.

All the weedkillers I have mentioned are broken down in the soil into harmless substances and are all passed for use among fruit crops, as well as most others.

For more information on weedkillers see our special feature starting on page 50.

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