Recommended Cultivars

'Sugarball' produced the heaviest crop. The tubers were close to the stem so easy to harvest, albeit many were small. They also had the sweetest flavour and were smooth.

Of the cultivars producing red-coloured tubers, 'Wilton Rose', was my favourite as many were large and although they were quite knobbly, the tubers were almost as sweet as 'Sugarball'. Sadly, this is -seemingly - no longer available, but 'Gerard' is still a good choice.

Disappointingly, I found the long tubers of 'Dave's Shrine' (also no longer available) difficult to harvest as they often snapped leaving small portions in the soil. However, I still think 'Fuseau' is hard to beat, as it is reliable - even if grown in a container - and produces smooth tubers in 'useful' sizes, although they aren't as sweet as 'Sugarball'.

Nevertheless, a good half of all the tubers I harvested from the plants -whatever the cultivar - raised at my allotment had slug damage. In contrast, few of my container-grown tubers were holed.

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