Occasional Tasks

Once all these most urgent tasks of the weekly round have been done should you move on to the next rank of slightly less urgent and in many ways more seasonal tasks that come round. Ranked by urgency in effect on loss of crop some of the most important are:

  • Inspecting crops in stores. Once the crop is picked it is often neglected, so remove the rots before they infect more.
  • Propagation. Similar to sowing but with less urgency. You need to remember to take cuttings and divide crowns at the right time or they are likely to fail.
  • Checking supports and ties. Prompt action is needed with annual crops, some delay may be safer with trees etc. Bad support or choking ties are often the cause of a total loss.
  • Summer pruning. A dramatic way of improving crop yields and quality but the timing is crucial and varies from crop to crop.
  • Winter pruning. Done with no such urgency as summer pruning but still the sooner done the better.
  • Compost turning. Although I rate collecting and making compost very important there is little urgency to when the heap is turned or sieved so such a task can be left until a day when a friend is available to help.
  • Passive pest and disease control. Making and setting bird boxes, bumble bee nests and so on are important but again should be done when all the other more pressing tasks are completed.
  • Last of all should be such tasks as fettling tools, sorting seeds, making plans on paper, washing pots and so on which can all be done by artificial rather than precious day light.

It is easy to add or omit many other tasks and to rearrange priorities but perhaps this list of suggestions will act as a guide. A notebook will be found handy as our memories can stumble and an old diary is even better. Write in it future tasks that will need doing in any week as soon as you think of them. And the default - write the task in the week you should have done it to remind you next year.

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Inspect stored crops regularly and dispose of any showing signs of rot before it spreads
Weeds harbour pests and diseases as well as competing with crops for light and water. Hoe or pull them out before they become established


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