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Lawn Company Secrets

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9 attachments + 1 motor = 1 immaculate garden!

The tiller works as a motorised hoe for your garden beds and for weeding. As a forrower the Mantis cuts a fine tilth: it can even dig drainage ditches! And if you're planting trees or hushes, the Mantis will dig the holes for you, quickly and effortlessly. The loosened soil gives your plants the best start in their growth life.

The tiller can instantly be converted into a dethatcher to clear the thatch and moss from your lawn quickly, carefully and thoroughly. Alternatively you can quickly convert the Mantis into an aerator. Correctly aerated, even old and untended grassy areas can be transformed into lush green lawns with strong growth within a year.

Needing a hedge trimmer? Simply fit the Mantis motor to the hedging attachment. and you're ready to go! With neat, evenly trimmed hedges in record time. Or convert the Mantis into a border edger and cut clean edges to your lawn turf, and also along natural stone or concrete path and borders. And to make sure your paths and paving slabs always look impressive, use the Mantis as a crevice cleaner - and do your back a favour!

Compact yet power-packed

At 1% rpm the Mantis tiller cultivator runs twice as fast as ordinary tillers. For particularly effective results move the tiller back and forth like a vacuum cleaner instead of working in one direction.

For you. this means the Mantis tiller tines dig down to a depth of 25cm/10" in half the time, loosening up the hard packed earth ready for sowing or planting potatoes for instance. Even hard, compacted soils arc loosened without effort. Planting is now pure pleasure!

Treat yourself and your garden to a Mantis!

This 9kg/201bs lightweight is ideal for any size of garden. And instead of hours of hard work you can now enjoy hours of leisure in your beautiful garden. The Instruction Manual is simple and straightforward, so you'll soon be fully acquainted with the Mantis.

365 day sale-or-return policy

Test the Mantis tiller in your own garden for 1 year! If it doesn't meet your expectations, return the tiller to us within 365 days for a full refund of your purchase price.

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