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PRACTICAL, AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR: POULTRY, LIVESTOCK & PETS Priced from £93.00 Illustrated: The Highland Junior, designed to give poultry basic protection from direct contact with wild birds and their droppings.

Features: External nest box, slide out droppings tray, covered run, protected feed area, removable slatted floor to run. Can be used traditionally with run slats removed. 2 Sizes, priced from £319.00. Supplied flat packed for easy assembly. Nationwide delivery - for details of our full range contact: Littleacre Products, Botley House, School Lane, Hints,Tamworth, Staffs. B78 3DW. Tel/fax: 01543 481 312. Buy on line: Check out your local agent or request a catalogue

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01507 529453


Honeybourne Evesham Worcestershire WR11 7QZ Telephone: 01386 833083 Fax: 01386 833364

Suppliers of high quality poultry houses, books, equipment and gifts, by mail order. Poultry available from day olds to point of lay

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Incubators from £39,99

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01584 890263

07980 851797

Complete intubntoi- Kits from £69.99 or fully Automatic incubators from £99.9? Our cwii range or EASY CLEAN Poultry housing (Delivered to your door in under 7 days) Kfiep'Tlie FOX iw.iy with our poultry netting Sits, Hatching eggi by post, Feeders, Drinkers S Accessories, POL Bii-ds normally ¡tv.iil.ible 52 weeks.

Visit our 'One Stop Poultry Shop* 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Secure Online Shopping Don't waste time shopping around get ail you need from one place____The Mail Order SpeciaJists


Keeping Poultry for Pleasure

Firle, Lewes, E. Sussex BN8 6LJ

telephone: 01323 811411

email: [email protected]

GIFT VOUCHERS * Handling & general social ALSO AVAILABLE behaviour ^

• £60 per person 8 Please telephone for details , , _ , . . . , , , | ' Lunch & refreshments are included 8

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Wake up to a fresh egg for breakfast

  • Day Old Chicks to Point of Lay
  • Complete Starter Kits Available
  • Hatching Eggs in Season

Hatching Eggs


For more information:

Tel: Ol989 721 066

Poulty Park, Oxenhall, Newent, Glos. GL 18 lRW.


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Standard Raised

Bed System

: Perfect for potatoes, carrots and much more. Will grow up to 53lbs of potatoes. 97cm x 97cm x 25cm. 230 litres. RRP £34.00.

OFFER PRICE £29.99 incp&p

Buy 3 raised beds for £83.85 any combination inc p&p

Patio Maypole

Made from black powder coated steel, decorative finial top with four poly-propylene climbing strings, and ground pegs. Ideal for sweet peas, runner and climbing beans and peas. Height 102cm (3'4), max. width up to 60cm (2'0"). RRP £14.95.

SPECIAL OFFER SAVE 10% £13.50 inc p&p BUY 2 SAVE OVER 25% £22.25 inc p&p

Mini raised bed and support system. A smaller version of the standard raised bed, supplied with a modular aluminium frame giving rigid crop support for climbers. Perfect for beans, tomatoes and sweet peas. Can be used on patios. 97cm x 51cm x 25cm (frame 1.6m high) Mini Raised Bed RRP £34.99.

OFFER PRICE £29.99 inc p&p

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