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• Sneeboer Push Hoe

A King among garden tools. Hand-made, individually shaped, polished and a 4 sided sharpened stainless steel blade.

Produce excellent compost for your kitchen garden with the robust rotasieve. Weight 5kg. 39.5cm D x 32.5cm H. 2.5cm x 1,5cm mesh.

This unique ring system (20cm diameter) is designed to use in growbags. It reduces slug/pest damage and allows accurate watering.

Easily assembled on your patio, just fill with soil and your choice of crop - simple as that. Measures 60cm in height and 40cm in diameter.

The gardeners' biggest enemy will be kept at bay by these slug copper rings that form a formidable barrier. Diameter 17.5cm.

• Self Watering Cloches (Pack of 3)

With gutters that divert water back inside, these cloches also provide robustness, warmth, light and safety. Comes with pegs and 2 packs of cloche ends. Individual size 50cm L x 36cm W & 32cm H.

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Your plot

Your plot

April is a busy and fun month. I always get really excited and it feels like summer is just around the corner when I start sowing crops such as pumpkins, French beans and courgettes, even if it's only in pots. This ensures you can plant them out in late May or early June, after all risk of frost has passed.

Even in April the soil can become quite dry and you may have to water along the bottom of seed drills before sowing to encourage the seeds to germinate. Rake dry soil back over the top to prevent the moisture from evaporating too quickly.


Aubergines, tomatoes, sweet and chilli peppers Sow these in pots or trays in a heated propagator ready for growing on in a cold frame or greenhouse and planting out in early June. I fill small trays with compost, tamp it down, water well, allow to drain and then sow four or five seeds of each in tiny 'rows' down the tray, and then just cover them with a scattering of vermiculite or seed compost. You should not need to water again until after the seeds have germinated.

Cucumbers Sow cucumbers in April if you've got a heated greenhouse for them to grow on in. Set seed on its edge in pots of compost with a covering of about 1cm (Miin) of compost and place in a heated propagator.

Beetroot, carrots, parsnips Sow beetroot 2cm (1in) deep and carrots and parsnips about 1cm (Min) deep in rows 30cm (1ft) apart. Parsnips take a long time to germinate; about three weeks, so make sure you mark the row well.

Broad beans Sow seeds in pairs about 20cm (8in) apart in a 5cm (2in) deep trench made with a hoe. The closely-growing plants will help to support each other. Allow at least 45cm (18in) between rows.

Hot tip

If field mice have eaten your seed in previous years, sow into pots of compost or Rootrainers and wait until the plants are at least 12cm (5in) high before planting them out at the above spacings.

French beans, runner beans and sweetcorn It's too early to sow outside but make an early start by sowing in individual pots or Rootrainers in a heated propagator. I always set the seed upright as this reduces the chances of them rotting, then cover with their own height of compost.

Brussels sprouts, summer cabbages, calabrese, cauliflowers, kale and leeks These can all be sown in pots or in a seedbed - a small area of soil which has been dug over, levelled and raked smooth, with stones removed. Sow into 1cm (Min) deep drills made with a hoe. As brassica seed is quite expensive, I prefer to sow one or two seeds into pots or Rootrainer cells filled with moist compost as this ensures almost 100 per cent success. Barely cover with a little compost or vermiculite.

Celery and celeriac This is very fine seed and needs barely covering with compost or vermiculite in small trays or pots and setting in a heated propagator.

Courgettes and marrows It's too soon to sow outside, even if you've warmed some soil (KG Mar 06) as the young plants will sulk and probably die, but make sure of an earlier crop by sowing into 12cm (5in) pots in the greenhouse or a cold frame. Set the seed on edge to help stop it rotting and cover with its own height in compost.

Globe artichokes and cardoons These highly decorative plants are easy to grow from seed but remember that the plants take up a lot of space and will not crop until next year. Sow 1cm (Min) deep in pots or trays of compost, ideally in a propagator.

Herbs Wait until late April to sow basil in pots of compost in the greenhouse, or on a warm windowsill indoors, ready for planting out once all risk of frost has passed. It's not too soon to sow many herbs, including rosemary, thyme, marjoram, chives, garlic chives, fennel and dill, direct where you want them to grow. Prepare an area by digging over and raking the soil fine. Broadcast the seed and then rake a little soil over it to give a covering about 1cm (Min) deep.

Hot tip

Buy a pot or two of basil from a supermarket and transplant into a greenhouse border - but be ready to cover it with fleece on cold nights.

Kohl rabi Make 2006 the year you grow this under-rated crop if you've never grown it before. Kohl rabi is a member of the cabbage family but develops delicious, sweet round roots that can be eaten raw in salad or cooked to be used rather like turnip. Try 'Superschmelz' for a really large root (Organic Gardening

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

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