In Pursuit Of Polypots

In the February 2006 HELP edition of KG (page 26), Andrew McQueen was seen growing his potatoes in 'polypots'. Please can you send me the address of the place I can get them from? I cannot find 'polypots' or a similar product in my locality. I do not have a computer so can't look for them on the internet.

Fran Higgins, Keith, Banffshire Steve says: We have had lots of enquiries, Fran. You can get them from LBS Horticulture, by telephoning 01282 873370 or visit



Mike Groom's mystery bean (KG March 2006) could well be the pea bean, popular during WWII. Grow as a French climbing bean, but let seeds and pods plump up. When green cook as peas or leave the pods to ripen, and use in the same manner as dry haricot beans. However, I have not seen them around for a few years. Walter Howarth, Alton, Hampshire



I have a compost bin on my allotment, I regularly take veg scraps to the bin, but unfortunately I think that rats are eating them. The bin is on soil, any ideas how I can try to stop this happening? Thanks. Janet Howarth, via email

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