Breaking The Broody Cycle

I'll deal with trying to break her broodiness first as this is less complicated. There are many reasons for choosing to do this, ranging from not wishing to increase the numbers in your flock, right through to inconvenient timing (eg chicks will hatch when you're away) or just a need to get her back into egg production rapidly, bearing in mind that broodiness can be catching, which can deplete your egg numbers rapidly.

The simplest way to break this cycle is to collect the eggs as frequently as you can and to disturb her as often as you are able by physically lifting her from the nest and forcing her to take exercise and fresh air.

Left alone and undisturbed, a broody can sit for weeks on end, refusing to move or eat and drink, with dire consequences, so she really does depend on you to get her through this. There are theories that placing her in a sin-bin - an uncomfortable draughty box - is the way to do this, personally I

don't like this idea for many reasons, not the least being the problem of reintegrating her back into the brood afterwards.

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