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In March, April, and May greenhouse space is at a premium, for many plants need temporary accommodation. They include bedding plants being raised from seed for summer display in open ground, vegetable plants being raised for planting out as soon as the risk of frost has passed, and the propagation of chrysanthemums, dahlias, and pelargoniums.

The erection of temporary shelving can help in this difficult period as long as the greenhouse structure is designed to take what may amount to a considerable extra weight. If in doubt consult the manufacturer or supplier before proceeding. Shelving needs to be Strong and vet light in weight, and slatted alloy is often preferred to wood, ( lie shelves may be suspended from the upper glazing bars or fixed to the side walls, but in the latter situation they may unduly shade plants 011 the benching. The erection of shelving must be looked upon as a temporary expedient, for if it is in position for a long period the plants growing beneath it will inevitably suffer from a reduction in the amount of light they receive. Painting shelving white helps in this respect.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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