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Few home gardeners devote their greenhouses solely to this specialized sector of plant propagation, but it is an important and rewarding greenhouse activity. For the bedding-plant enthusiast the greenhouse will be used in the spring months to raise the summer-bedding plants antirrhinums, lobelia, alyssum, begonias, ageratum, phlox, and the like. Space must be set aside for propagation by cuttings of plants such as dahlias, geraniums, and fuchsias, and temporary benching and shelving may be necessary. If you intend to raise young plants, remember that your programme will clash with plans to raise under glass a wide range of young vegetable plants early lettuce, runner beans, summer cauliflowers, marrows, and Courgettes. Vegetable plants raised in the greenhouse crop much earlier than those raised outdoors.

For this type of programme a garden frame is essential, for the young plants

Peach tree in blossom in a commercial greenhouse The drawing shows how to tan-rra'n a peach tree with the help ot bamboo canes A peach tree looks attractive against the end wall of the greenhouse leaving space in borders and benching will need to be hardened o if before they are planted in open ground. They are moved to the closed frame upon reaching a suitable size. The amount of ventilation given is then increased by stages until the plants become adjusted to outdoor conditions.

In the summer months, after the young plants have been planted out, the greenhouse can be devoted to tomatoes. Alternatives to this use are limited but one of the best is to grow half-hardy plants in pots tor display purposes; tall-growing antirrhinums in flower look particularly fine. An alternative border crop might be chrysanthemums planted where they are to flower. This prime-purpose category tends to leave the greenhouse underemployed over the winter months. But if you intend to propagate from various flowering plants, such as fuchsia and pelargonium, the following year, you should make provision for overwintering them in frost-free conditions in the greenhouse.

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