Physiological disorders

Tomatoes suffer from a number of such disorders. 'Greenback' is the name given to fruits which, when ripe, still have green or yellow patches on them. It is a less common disorder than formerly owing to the introduction of resistant varieties. Cracked fruits occur as a result ot a sudden upsurge of moisture into the plant; this often happens after soil which has been allowed to become too dry recei ves ,1 good soaking

Dnmping off disease ol ppa seedlings

Dnmping off disease ol ppa seedlings

Physiological Disorders

of water. The cracks, however, may not appear until some time later.

Cucumbers and courgettes provide examples of fruiting plants in which the developing fruitlet occasionally turns yellow and prematurely dies. The reason for this is often difficult to determine, as it can be caused by a variety of factors. The plant maybe under some strain; it may, for instance, already be carrying many fruits, or the feeding may be at fault - in which case high-potash feeds could be beneficial. Low temperatures can upset plant growth, particularly if they coincide with several dull days with little or no sunshine. Developing fruit lets which have such disorders should be carefully cut from the plant with a sharp knife and removed from the greenhouse or frame.

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