Other methods

Enormous advances have been made in plant-breeding techniques in recent years and it is certain that 'breeding in' resistance to pests and diseases will become increasingly effective. A strikingly successful example of this may be seen in the development ot the tomato rootstock KNVF, which gives resistance to corky root, root-knot eel-worm, verticillium, and fusarium. Tomato varieties resistant to leaf mould, greenback, and tobacco mosaic virus have also been bred and are generally available; so. too, are cucumber varieties offering resistance to powdery and downy mildew.

Biological control is yet another approach. The glasshouse whiteHy is effectively controlled by the minute wasp-like parasite Emirs ¡a formasa, which inserts its eggs into the fly's nymph stage. The parasites are bred specially for this purpose and are obtainable through the post from .1 number of propagators. Predators ot red spider mite are also available for commercial users, and in the future they may well become available for use by amateur gardeners.

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