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Sprays, dusts, and fumigants (often aerosol-applied) are ways of bringing an active chemical ingredient to bear against pests ,iod disease organisms. Small sprayers of the pump-up type are relatively inexpensive and reliable, and the shaped lance helps to get the spray on to otherwise inaccessible parts ot the plant. A nozzle producing fine droplets should be used, and the sprayer keeping peants healthy

Greenhouse Fumigants
Lighting a greenhouse pyrotechnic fumigant

must be cleaned thoroughly after use. On no account nntsr a sprayer used in the greenhouse also be used to apply weedkillers.

It is really a matter ot preference as to whether one uses sprays or dusts. Some puffer packs make straightforward application easy and accurate, but it is often much more difficult to apply dusts to the underside of leaves.

Fumigants penetrate almost everywhere and consequently are ideal for whole greenhouse treatment but not, ot course, for lean-tos attached to the house. Electrically powered fumigant equipment may be used continuously throughout the year, automatically dispensing minute chemical particles as a vapour; the small built-in heater uses 40 to fio watts ot electricity and a range of chemicals is available. It is wasteful to use such fumigators when the ventilators are Open; many gardeners switch them on only during the evening and night.

' Pyrotechnic fumigants are available in a range of sizes to suit the volume of the greenhouse. The approximate volume is calculated by multiplying the length by the breadth by the average height. The average height is taken as a point halt-way up the roof glazing bars. Such fumigants are best used on warm, still evenings, once you have made sure that the ventilators are tightly closed and any large cracks filled.

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