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The range ot flowering plants that can be grown and the make-up of the year-round cropping programme will depend on the minimum greenhouse temperature the amateur gardener is prepared to maintain, i have already mentioned the fact that even the more hardy greenhouse plants are likely to succumb to disease if temperatures remain only one or two degrees above freezing point tor any length of time. A much more ambitious growing pro gramme can be contemplated if the greenhouse is kept at a minimum temperature of 7 C (45 'F). This I shall refer to henceforward as the 'cool' greenhouse. It is becoming increasingly popular with greenhouse growers and will feature largely in the notes that follow on specific plants.

Moving up the scale to the 'warm* greenhouse involves maintaining a minimum of 12 C (53"F), which further broadens the cropping spectrum of flowering and foliage plants; but the cost of maintaining such a temperature in the winter months is considerable. The hot-house, with an overall minimum temperature of 18 to 20" C (65 to 6H F) is almost a thing ot the past in amateur gardening and for this reason is not dealt with here. However, local temperatures as high as this are required during the propagation period of many greenhouse flowering and foliage plants, and can be economically obtained by using a propagating box or frame.

In practice most greenhouse owners will be aiming for a mixed cropping programme - food crops along with flowering and foliage plants. Each individual will have his or her own preferences and the resultant mix will call for compromises in growing conditions. Some simple year-round plan is essential to prevent chaos in the greenhouse, the cold frames, and associated areas.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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