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As the Christ mas-flowering chrysanthemums timsli flowering cut them back hard and box up those stools from which cuttings will be taken later. Bring 111 rhubarb for forcing and plant the crowns under benching if space is available. In soil-warmed borders and frames sow 'Forcing French Breakfast' radishes, 'Amsterdam Forcing' carrots, and 'May Queen' lettuces.

In the south of England it is time to start the propagating season. Take cuttings of the autumn-flowering chrysanthemums and sow seed of F hybrid geraniums and the fibrous-rooted begonias. from now through to March sow antirrhinums and garden annuals required for greenhouse display. Watch out tor slugs and snails it is better to put out a little bait from time to time than to lose a pan of special seedlings overnight. It greenhouse borders arc uncropped, prepare them, and find out whether the soil is acid or alkaline by using the pH testing solution.

Tins is quite early enough in the north of England to begin many of the activities listed above. Start dahlia rubers into growth by boxing them up in damp peat or old cucumber compost; cutting material will then be available from March onwards. Prune vines, cutting back the lateral growths to two eyes.

House strawberry plants tor fruiting in May,

Make a further small sowing of radish, broadcasting the seed rather than sowing it in drills. Sow peas 111 boxes tor planting outside later. Propagate hydrangeas by cuttings taken from selected plants. Sow seeds of Pasiiflwa (passion flower) and lightly prune established Passiftortj plants: make a sow

Asparagus ferns grow rapidly and need dividing every year or so; now is a good time to do this. Orders placed for perpetual-flowering carnations are often delivered this month; pot them

Above telt Start dahlia tubers In damp peat in February Cuttings are ready in about a month Right The limited space in a small greenhouse may be overstretched at some times of the year, so plan cropping in advance.

ing of Solatium (Christmas cherry). February is usually a convenient month to erect temporary benching and tit shelving for young plants.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

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