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Now that good imported fruit is widely available one rarely sees a greenhouse devoted mainly to the cultivation of peaches or grapes, as in bygone years. However, fan-trained peaches may be grown against the back wall of lean-tos and will provide good crops ot fruit as long as they arc tended carefully, They take up relatively little space, require no additional heat, and leave the remainder of the greenhouse for growing other crops.

A vine, on the other hand, will take up a lot of greenhouse space within a year or two, and although it normally grows in the root area the large leaves cut out much light and so give poor growing conditions beneath. The vine is certainly not a plant to be recommended if space is limited or if the gardener is anxious to grow .1 range ot other plants as well. Both peaches and vines prefer unhealed conditions during the dormant (winter) period, and ventilators should be left open a little. Consequently few crops are suitable for growing alongside them during this period ot the year.

Early strawberries are fast becoming a popular fruit to grow in the greenhouse. Once commonly grown one

Peach tree in blossom in a commercial greenhouse The drawing shows how to tan-rra'n a peach tree with the help ot bamboo canes A peach tree looks attractive against the end wall of the greenhouse leaving space in borders and benching plant per pot, alternative ways are now finding favour. Growing in pockets in vertical, tube-like containers standing on the floor allows many plants to be cultivated in a small area, and the plants arc in the greenhouse only tor a few weeks in the spring - though regrettably at a time when the greenhouse is already bulging with other young plants. Early strawberries are consequently best introduced into other cropping programmes as and when space allows.

Plant propagation is discussed in detail in Chapter 7.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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