Food Crops

IN receipt years there has been renewed interest among amateur gardeners in growing salad and vegetable craps tor the family, and, with the tendency for new gardens to be smaller than in the past, more intensive means ot cultivation are finding favour. The traditional greenhouse has long been used tor growing a range of salad crops, and with the advent ot' the less expensive polythene-covered structures, the range ot food crops is being widened to include some popular eultivars hitherto grown mainly outdoors. Food crops grow just as well Under polythene as they do under glass; indeed, many gardeners prefer the plastic-covered greenhouse for this t^pe of plant. It is usual to grow food crops in the greenhouse border soil, and good light conditions at that level are important. The glass or polythene should extend down to soil level and be kept free ofalgae (the green film that inevitably builds tip after a period of time). This growth can be particularly troublesome on the lower panes of glass, but it can easily he removed with a soft brush and soapy water.

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