Erecting an alloy greenhouse

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Greenhouse Nuts And Bolts

Many greenhouses are now supplied in pack form Be careful to check that Mil the listed components, screws, nuts, bolts, and so on are present before you begin erection.

Erecting Greenhouse

Although alloy frames are light In weight, you may need another pair of hands at this stage m order to prevent the sections from flexing

The site needs to be raked level to provide a solid support for the base. Keep Ihi1 greenhouse as far away as possible from any solrd fences that would cast a shadow on it.

Erecting Greenhouse

Take care to follow the manufacturer s step by-step instructions exactly - (he sequence of assembly is likely to vary from make to make.

Erecting Greenhouse

Ensure thai ihe base is firmly secured to the Inundation, otherwise the greenhouse may shift m high winds - a common cause of glass breakage.

Erecting Greenhouse

Precision built in the factory. Ihe correctty installed ventilators when closed should make a snug, draught-proof fit into the framework

Erecting Greenhouse

Assemble the sections of the (fame on level ground nearby Avoid getting particles of soil on the glazing bars, if necessary, lay down soma plastic sheeting to work on

Most householders will possess the few tools required for assembly Double check that all screws and nuts and bolts are light

The principal sections of the frame assembled and ready for erection on the base

Soma Double Strips

Preparation tor glazing carefully dust down alt the glazing bars before placing the mastic glazing strips into position.

In this greenhouse model the vertical panes of glass overlap Spring clips hold the glass firmly but thev allow broken panes to be changed easily and quickiy

Work completed Although the structure looks complicated, erection of such greenhouses is well within the compass of most amateur gardeners

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

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