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For many greenhouse owners a supply of electricity will be essential to make the best use of their investment. It will be needed for interior lighting, so that greenhouse work can be done in the evening after work during the short days of winter and spring. Ordinary incandescent lights will be suitable for tins. Electricity may also he needed Kir heating a propagating frame, and local heating of this type can be the most economical way of propagating plants, Electric soil-warming units are becoming popular as a reasonably inexpensive method of boosting the growth of plants in greenhouse borders. Electricity may also be required for general heating, for providing sup plementary fan ventilation, for activating mist-propagators, and for supplementary lighting of some crops.

Electricity can be particularly dangerous 111 the greenhouse because there is normally a considerable amount ol moisture about. For example, during damping down the humidity of the greenhouse interior is raised by spraying overall with a fine spray of water. For this reason it is essential to use special waterproof fittings both in the installation of the mains supply and 011 each piece of equipment. A system installed by a qualified electrician will ensure 1l1.it sufficient safety measures are taken, and it remains only for you to make sure tliat your electrical equipment is properly earthed and fitted with tlie fuses recommended by the manufacturer. The electricity supply to tlie greenhouse can be above or below ground; an electrical contractor is best able to advise on this.

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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