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INSECTICIDES Active ingredients

Bacillus thuringiensis

The following tables set out most of the important insecticides and fungicides that the greenhouse gardener is likely to use. They are based on information in the Directory of Garden Chcmicals, 4 th edition (London 1979). published by the liritish Agrochemicals Association.

Proprietary brands

Herbon Thuricide HP (powder)

Must insecticides and fungicides are available in liquid form and are applied by spraying; others are sold as aerosols, powders, granules, or pyrotechnic fumigants, All are quite easy to use. but be careful to follow the manufacturers' instructions as closely as possible.


Conirol of caterpillars

Bioresmethrin and malathion

Combat Vegetable Insecticide

Control of fruit and vegetable pests

(liquid or aerosol)


Nippon Am Destroyer (liquid)

Control of ants


Bromophos (powder)

Control of soil pests

Captan and lindane

Murphy Combined Seed

Control of pests and diseases of seeds and seedlings

Dressing (powder)


Boots Garden Insect Powder

Control of caterpillars, etc

Murphy Sevin Dust

Control of caterpillars, etc

Murphy Wasp Destroyer (dust)

Conttol of wasps


Combat Soil Insecticide

Control of soil pests


Root Guard (granules)

Control of soil pests


Vapona Flykiller (impregnated

Control of (lies in greenhouse


Dicophol dinocap/

Murphy Combined Pest and

General insecticide/fungictde


Disease Spray



Boots Systemic G<eenfly

Control of greenfly and blackfly on flowers and

Killer (liquid)


Murphy Systemic Insecticide

Control of greenfly, whitefly, red spider, sawfly, scale


insects, etc


Murphy Fentro (liquid)

Control of greenfly, sawfly. capsids, beetles, caterpillars,

PBI Fenitrothion (liquid)

etc, on Iruit and vegetables


Topguard Systemic Liquid

Control of greenfly, blackfly, red spider, caterpillars

Toprose Systemic Spray

Control of greenfly, red spider, leaf hopper, and small

caterpillars on roses


Murfume BHC Smoke (cone)

Fumigants for control of greenhouse pests

Fumite BHC Smoke (cone)

Boots Ant Destroyer (powder)

Control of ants, woodlice, earwigs, etc

gamma- HCH

Fumite Lindane Smoke

Fumigant for control of greenhouse pests


Murfume Lindane Smoke

Control of greenfly, whitefly, capsids, leaf miner, etc

Murphy Gamma-BHC Dust

Control of soil pests

Murphy Lindex Garden Spray

Control of greenfly, earwig, thrips. rootfly, caterpillars, etc

gamma - H CH/malathion

New Kil (spray)

General contact insecticide

gamma-H CH/malathion/

Super Kil (liquid)

Systemic for control of greenhouse pests


gamma- HCH/menazon

Abol-X (liquid)

Systemic for control of greenfly and blackfly

gamma - HCH/pyrethrins/

Boots Garden Insect Killer

Control of greenfly and blackfly

piperonyl butoxide



Hexyl (liquid)

General insecticide/fungicide



Fumite Tecnalin Smoke Cone

Fumigant for greenhouse pests


Combat Garden Insecticide

Control of greenfly and other pests



Combat Garden Insecticide

Control of greenfly and other pests




Boots Greenfly Killer (liquid)

Control of blackfly and greenfly

Active ingredients

Malathion (cont'd)



Oxydemeton-methyl Pirimicarb


Pirimiphos-methyl/ synergised pyrethrins


Pyrethrum/resmethrin Rotenone

Rotenone/sulphur/zineb Trichlorphon

FUNGICIDES Active ingredients


Bupirimate/triforine Captan


Copper compound

Copper sulphate/

ammonium carbonate Dicofol/dinocap/ fenitrothion/maneb/ pyrethrum Dinocap

Oxycarboxin Sulphur/zineb/rotenone




rotenone Zineb

Proprietary brands

PBI Malathion Greenfly Killer

(liquid) Mutphy Greenhouse Aerosol Murphy Liquid Malathion

Murphy Malathion Dust Vitax Greenfly/Blackfly Spray (liquid)

XLALL Insecticide (liquid) Greenfly Gun (aerosol) ICI Rapid Greenfly Killer

(aerosol or liquid) ICI Antkiller (dust) Syboi 2 (liquid) Sybol 2 (dust) Sybol 2 (aerosol) Kerispray (liquid) Waspend (aerosol) Anti-Ant Powder Plant Pest Killer (liquid or aerosol) Bio Sprayday (liquid) Derris sold 111 several brands as dust or liquid Murphy Combined Pest &

Disease Dust Dipterex (powder) Tugon (granules)


Control of greenfly, blackfly, whitefly. red spider, thrips.

leaf miner, woolly aphids, mealy bugs, and scale insects Control of greenfly, whitefly. red spider, mealy bug. etc Control of greenfly, whitefly, red spider, mealy bug.

scale insects, etc Control of greenfly, whitefly. thrips, etc Control of greenfly, blackfly, whitefly, red spider, raspberry beetle, leaf miner, thrips, scale insects, and leaf hoppers Control of aphids Control of greenfly and blackfly Control of greenfly and blackfly

Control of ants, earwigs, woodlice, and wasps

Control of whitefly. red spider, etc

Control of soil and vegetable pests

General greenhouse insecticide

General greenhouse insecticide

Control of flying insects

Control of ants

Control of aphids, etc

Control of whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, leaf hopper, thrips General insecticide

General insecticide/fungicide

Control of caterpillars and winged insects Control of ants

Proprietary brands

Benlate (powder) Nimrod-T (liquid) Murphy Orthocide Captan

Fungicide (powder) Murphy Combined Seed

Dressing (powder) Murphy Liquid Copper

Fungicide Cheshunt Compound (soluble powder) Murphy Combined Pest and Disease Spray (aerosol)

Murphy Dinocap (dust) Murphy Dinocap Mildew

Fungicide (powder) Murphy Dinocap Smoke (cone) Toprose Mildew Spray Plantvax 75 (powder) Murphy Combined Pest &

Disease Dust Fumite TCNB Smoke Pellets Fumite Fungicide Smoke Cone ICI General Garden Fungicide

(liquid) Hexyl (liquid)

Dithane (powder)


General fungicide

Systemic for control of powdery mildew and black spot Control of black spot, Bolrytis, bulb rot, etc

Control of diseases and pests ot seeds and seedlings

Control of damping off in seedlings, leaf mould, blight, mildew, rust, etc Control of damping-off in seedlings

General fungicide/insecticide

Control of powdery mildew Control of powdery mildew

Fumigant for control of powdery mildew Control of powdery mildew Control of rust on flowering plants General fungicide/insecticide

Fumigant for control of Botrytis on tomatoes, etc Fumigant for control of Bolrytis, mildew, etc Control of black spot, mildews, rusts, etc

General fungicide/insecticide

Control of downy mildew, peach-leaf curl, tomato blight

A A STITCH in time saves nine' is \ a saying every green house Owner should rake to JL jJL. heart: on a windy night, a single missing pane of glass can very easily have multiplied to nine by the morning. The annual maintenance ot greenhouses, frames, and equipment need not be a major task and is perhaps best carried out at the time of the annual cleaning, It is convenient to consider greenhouses and garden frames together, although the latter arc unlikely to cause many problems.

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