Growing Iris In A Hothouse

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Two dwarf irises are much grown in pots and very attractive they are: the deep purple and gold Iris reticulata and the rich blue I. histrioides (see p. 20). Several bulbs can be grown in a 3-in. pot and John Innes No. 1 Potting Compost is recommended. The bulbs should be set about 1 in. below the surface of the compost. House in a cold frame until growth starts and then bring into the greenhouse,

Dutch and English irises can be grown in the same way but in 5-in. pots.


The Siberian Squill, Scilla sihirica. makes a good greenhouse plant together with others of the genus. Pot the bulbs, at any time between August and November, in John innes No. I Potting Compost. The bulbs should be set 1 in. deep. Plunge them out of doors until growth starts and then, when a good root system has developed, bring them into the greenhouse.


Nearly all varieties of Early Double and Early Single tulips are excellent for a cool greenhouse as well as the Cottage, Parrot, Fringed and Broken tulips and species like T. kaufmamtiana, They should be potted between September and November in John Innes No. 1 Potting Compost and plunged out of doors until the flower buds appear. They can then be brought into the greenhouse, but the temperature should not rise above 13rC. (55°F.) until the buds are well formed. Tulips can also be grown in bowls, but bulb fibre should be used rather than potting compost.

Iris reticulata

Tulip GreenhouseDutch Iris Flower

Early Single tulip

Single Tulip Buds

Large Dutch crocus

Early Single tulip

Large Dutch crocus

Iris reticulata


Bulb Fibre Compost
ZygoCàCUis ityncatus

I he eullivalum of cacti is a fascinating hobbv and most kinds will succeed in a greenhouse with a minimum winter temperature of TC. (45 F.J. During the spring and summer temperatures can rise to IK to 21 C. (65 to 70 F.} with sun heal, prov ided ample ventilation is given Cacti are sun-lovers and need to he stood in the lightest part of the greenhouse. In summer the) can be stood in a sunny cold frame, preferably with the pots sunk in a bed of ashes.

Putting. The time to pot cacti is in the spring just as new growth is beginning. John Innes No. I Potting Compost can be used wiih the addition of two extra parts of coarse sand and two parts crushed brick Cacti must never be placed in pois which are loo big: generally, one si/e larger than the ones they have been occupying is sufficient.

Handling the plants can be difficult because of the spines and it is wise to make a paper collar which is placed around the plant to serve as a handle. Remove some of the old soil carefully and place the plant in its new pot. firming fresh compost around the roots. Watering. Growth is made in the spring and summer and during this period plentv of water is needed, but in winter when the plants are resting the soil musi he kept dry and watering should only be necessary if the plants begin to shrivel.

Below is a small selection of cacti and succulents:

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