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Filmset in Great Britain by Filmtype Services Limited. Scarborough Printed and bound in The Canary Islands by Litugratia A. Romero, S.A. Santu C'ru/ de Tenerife. Canary Islands (Spain)

Firs! published by W. H. and !.. Collingridge Limited in 1963

Revised edition published in 1972 Third impression. ¡47.1

© Percy Thrower and The Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited, I^C.3, 1972

Colour Illustrations 9

Introduction 10

Types of Greenhouse 11

Making a Choice 14

Siting and Erecting a Greenhouse 15

Greenhouse Equipment 16

The Unhealed Greenhouse 20

The Cool Greenhouse 21

The Warm Greenhouse 22

The Sun Lounge and Conservatory 23

The Garden Frame 24

An A to Z Guide to Greenhouse Plants 25

The Practice of Greenhouse Gardening 111

Forms of Healing 112

Piant Propagation 1 14

Seed and Potting Composts 120

Pricking Oui. Potting and Hardening Off 122

Watering and Damping Down 124

Shading and Ventilation 125

Pest and Disease Control 127

Routine Tasks 131

Hanging Baskets 133

A Quick Guide to Decorative Plants 134

Monthly Reminders 137

Index 139

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