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The liditor Would like to thank

Ainmeur Gardening, Robert Corbin. Anthony

Htixley. Elsa Megson. Sheila Orme and

Harry Smith for the photographs used in this hook.

Abutilon megapotamicum 26 Achimenes; Allamanda cat hart ica 27

Anthurium andreanwn; Dimorphotheca Goiiath; Exacum affine

The author's sun lounge 31

Azalea indica; Begonia rex 34

Tuberous begonia: Winter-flowering begonia 35

Beloperme guttata; Brunfelsia calycina; Neoregelia carolinae tricolor 38

Greenhouse flowers in spring 39

Aporocactus flagelliformis; Camellia japonica 50

Calceolaria; Katanchoe; Echeveria retusa 51

Chrysanthemum Goya; Charm chrysanthemums 54

Perpetual-flowering carnation; Cineraria 55

Clivia nobilis: Codiaeum; Coleus 58

Coleus. hoya, streptocarpus and other plants 59

Cyclamen; Cineraria, cyclamen, narcissi and other plants 62

Campanula i soph v I la 63

Aspleniam nidus; Woodwardia r a die an s 67

Fuchsia Mission Bells 70

The author in his greenhouse 71

Gloxinia 74

Gloriosa 75

Alicante grapes; Hippeastrum 78 Hoya be!la: impatiens; Ipomoea tricolor 79 Jaminum primulinum: Lilium longiflorum 90 Lachenalia; Nerine 91

Poinsettia; Cymbidium; Pelargonium Stardust 94 Cantaloupe melon 95 Schizanthus 98

Primula obconica; Saintpaulia 99 Smithiantha; Tibouchina semidecandra 102 Strelitzia reginae; Tradescantia Quick Silver 103

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Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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