Where to get plants

It's illegal to uproot any wild plant without permission from the landowner, although you can collect seed. Your best source may be

neighbours, friends or a local gardening club, who will usually be able to spare cuttings of their own pond stock, but watch out for aliens! Often, your local wildlife trust will be doing management work on a reserve pond, and may be able to provide material. There are some excellent specialist native plant suppliers, many of them listed on Flora Locale's website www.floralocale.org.

Although many garden centres now sell native species of pond plants, these may be 'improved' garden varieties, which are actually of less use to wildlife. The double-flowered variety of marsh marigold - Caltha palustris plena - is one to avoid. Some centres still sell the invasive plants mentioned earlier, and their native stock may be contaminated with exotic species.

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