Sisyrinchium bermudianum

Blue-eyed Grass (UK and USA)

A hardy member of the iris family with stiff and erect narrow grey-green leaves and branched stems. At their tips, the stems bear 12mm ffiin] wide, star-shaped, satin-blue, yellow-centred flowers from early summer until iateautumn. It is bestgrown in a rock garden

Height: 20-25cm (8-1 Oin) Spread: 15-23cm (6-9in) Cultivation: Well-drained, humus-enriched garden soil and a sunny position ensure success. In aulumn. cut off dead leaves and flowered stems

Propagation: It tends to readily increase itsett by seed, and these seeds can be gathered and potted up for planting out at a later stage when better developed Bring them on in a cold frame and set them out in the garden when they are growing strongly

Scilla tubergiana nas sublly coloured flowers and can be mixed with other small bulbs, like the Winter Aconite [Eranthis hyemahs) and Snowdrop {Galanthus nivalis) without being dominated by or overwhelming them

Sisyrinchium brachypus >s another delightful species wilh 18mm (:4in) wide, star-shaped yellow flowers, borne from early summer onwards on relatively low plants, only 15cm (6in) high

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